Comprehensive ESG Coverage

Leading insight, championing change

When analyzing and managing ESG risk, the lifeblood is vast coverage. For Moody’s, coverage is much more than a number: it’s a commitment to providing granular and clearly defined ESG metrics spanning every major asset class and industry – all delivered in a way suited to your specific needs. By viewing the ESG landscape through a double materiality lens – and diving into the depths of critical sustainability issues and themes – we champion a domain-defining, rigorous and consistent approach to ESG analysis that considers the impact on multiple stakeholders. As a result, our trusted data, scores and assessments enable you to distinguish meaning from the noise. ​

With Moody’s, you can access clearly-labelled ESG and Climate data – aligned to globally recognized standards and regulatory taxonomies – that brings credibility to your workflow. Across a combination of enriched and verified data, analyst-led assessments and predicted scores, we provide perspectives on more than 140 million public and private companies globally. The result is accountable insight that enables you to make sustainable decisions with complete confidence.

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