Moody’s Analytics new paper offers a step-by-step guide to building a robust supply chain risk management strategy.

For many organizations worldwide, supply chain resiliency has been tested to its limits since the Covid-19 pandemic.

Supply chain teams have faced increased disruption including price surges, delays and shortages in turn, supply chain risk has not only represented a possible cause of reputational damage and customer dissatisfaction, it has impacted the bottom line.

Against this backdrop, a new paper by Moody’s Analytics offers a practical guide to taking a more proactive approach to managing supply chain risk - to help companies protect their revenues and profitability and avoid reputational or supply chain crises.

The paper covers: 

  • The myriad supply-chain related risks that companies today are encountering and possible methods of mitigation;
  • The steps that supply chain teams can take to establishing a robust supply chain risk management strategy;
  • Best practices for lobbying the board to greater investment in supply chain risk management;

The paper’s publication follows recent research from Moody’s Analytics that suggests - despite increasing risk - very few supply chain leaders are taking a proactive, data-led approach to managing supply chain risk.

As such, the paper is designed to support supply chain leaders in recalibrating their internal strategies, while helping internal stakeholders and decision-makers to understand the strategic importance of supply chain risk management.

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