Pakistan banks are amidst of adjusting to the requirements of the IFRS 9 accounting standards. For banks with implementations underway, institutions are trying to understand the impact on provisions, P&L and capital, further complicated by the impact of COVID-19. For institutions just setting out on this journey, the IFRS 9 implementation should enable frameworks that go beyond a regulatory reporting exercise.

Topics include:
Pakistan Economic Outlook
Key IFRS9 Building blocks
Practical delivery approach of building blocks and associated challenges and solutions
Teaming for Success:  1LINK and Moodys Analytics
1LINK technology and security architecture

Dimitrios Papanastasiou, Solution Specialist, Moody's Analytics
Steve Cochrane, Chief Economist, Moody's Analytics
Yasman Mughaddam, Solution Specialist, Moody's Analytics
Syed Suleman Hasan – Company Secretary & CRO, 1LINK
Raheel Hasan, Senior Manager - Networks and Infrastructure, 1LINK

Following the commencement of TRIM in 2016, there are has been a multi phased approach to the ECB’s TRIM exercise. As we are gearing up for a year of further TRIM exercises and transitioning to review of wholesale and low default portfolios, Moody’s would like to host this webinar to provide:

  1. Further insight to the challenges in the market thus far
  2. The common themes across Europe
  3. Remediation and best practice approaches