Join us as we discuss the credit trends and developments across our Asian high-yield portfolio for the rest of the year.

We will hear from analysts about the overall health of key sectors across the region as companies recover from the economic challenges of the pandemic.

Topics include:
  • What does our credit gauge say about health of the rated high-yield portfolio?
  • What does intrinsic liquidity mean for defaults?
  • Will renewed lockdowns derail rating stability?
  • Is the search for liquidity over or still fleeting for some?
From the Corporate Finance Group:
Annalisa Di Chiara, Senior Vice President
Clement Wong, Associate Managing Director
Kaven Tsang, Senior Vice President
Kaustubh Chaubel, VP-Senior Credit Officer
Stephanie Cheong, Analyst

Following the commencement of TRIM in 2016, there are has been a multi phased approach to the ECB’s TRIM exercise. As we are gearing up for a year of further TRIM exercises and transitioning to review of wholesale and low default portfolios, Moody’s would like to host this webinar to provide:

  1. Further insight to the challenges in the market thus far
  2. The common themes across Europe
  3. Remediation and best practice approaches