Global central banks and regulators are increasingly focused on the risks climate change poses to the global financial system. The Bank of England’s recent climate risk stress test is the latest effort. In this webinar, we discuss the BOE’s climate risk scenarios, our methodologies for expanding them to a wide range of economic, financial, and demographic variables across the world, and the implications for future efforts by central banks to gauge climate risks.

Join Mark Zandi, Chief Economist; Marisa DiNatale, Senior Director; and Chris Lafakis, Director on Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021, as they discuss climate change scenarios and their implications on central banks.

  • Mark Zandi, Chief Economist, Moody's Analytics 
  • Marisa DiNatale, Senior Director, Moody's Analytics
  • Chris Lafakis, Director, Moody's Analytics

Following the commencement of TRIM in 2016, there are has been a multi phased approach to the ECB’s TRIM exercise. As we are gearing up for a year of further TRIM exercises and transitioning to review of wholesale and low default portfolios, Moody’s would like to host this webinar to provide:

  1. Further insight to the challenges in the market thus far
  2. The common themes across Europe
  3. Remediation and best practice approaches