Cyber risk is rising for all asset classes, including public finance and municipal issuers. Moody's is building a bridge between cyber risk and credit by focusing on how a cyber-attack can create lasting impacts on an issuers credit. Moody's published the results of a cyber survey for global utilities, including public power and not-for-profit utilities and are expecting to publish on other sectors, including local governments.

Topics include: 
  • Moody's approach to cyber security risk
  • Results of issuer survey about cyber risk
  • Cyber risk assessments for local governments and others
  • Latest trends in cyber defense


  • Jim Hempstead, Managing Director, PIF (Moderator)
  • Orlie Prince, Vice President – Senior Credit Officer, PFG & Head of PFG Cyber Task Force
  • Cintia Nazima, Associate Lead Analyst 1, PIF
  • Catherine Nicolosi, Associate Lead Analyst 1, PFG
  • Derek Vadala, Chief Executive Office, Visible Risk (a joint venture partner of Moody’s Corporation and Team 8)
  • Richard Mroz, Managing Director, Resolute Strategies Inc. & Senior Advisor, Protect Our Power