The disruption of the higher education sector carries implications for public private partnerships as well. As universities shift their reopening plans and de-densify their campuses, some student housing projects are struggling while others are navigating the choppy waters. In recent years, there has been a rise in other partnerships as well, including utility projects, parking, and mixed use projects. Will the current pandemic fundamentally change campus planning and use of partnerships, or is this a shorter term issue?

Topics include: 
  • How are public-private partnerships, especially student housing, faring for academic year 2020-2021?
  • What are the longer term prospects for P3s, including utility and parking projects?
  • What is the impact on credit quality for associated universities?


  • Florence Zeman, Associate Managing Director (Moderator)
  • Tom Song, AVP-Analyst
  • John Medina, VP-Sr Credit Officer
  • Chris Collins, AVP-Analyst